The World from my point of view

About me

Hello! I’m Juan Serrano-Corbella, and I tell stories through images. Since 2003, I have captured the world through my lens, establishing myself as a regular contributor to the most prestigious media outlets in Spain. My work is featured in Travel & Leisure, Viajar, and Traveler Condé Nast, with a focus on the field of tourism. Additionally, you can find my contributions in lifestyle and generalist magazines such as Forbes, Telva, Yo Dona, La Vanguardia, El Dominical del Periódico de Catalunya, El Mundo, El País, among others.

My presence on the screen extends beyond photography; I have created the travel documentary series “The World in Photo.” My video work has also materialized in projects for tourist offices, such as the “Spain Timelapse” series for Turespaña, comprising 13 videos captured using the Time-lapse technique across the entire Spanish territory. Furthermore, I have worked on projects for companies like Aire Ancient Baths and various hotel chains, collaborating with advertising and communications agencies such as McCann, Everythink, and Lewis PR

My education includes a diploma in Audiovisual Arts and Communication from the Tracor Communications Arts Institute and specialized studies in photography at the School of Cinema of the Community of Madrid (ECAM).

Since 2018, I have held a drone pilot certification, expanding my skills and creative possibilities.

My passion for imagery and commitment to excellence has led me to explore various aspects of the visual world, creating a unique and memorable legacy in every project I undertake.