Gastronomy Portrait

The gastronomy world has experimented an impressive development along the last 10 years. This is widely reflected in media, and chefs and gourmet brands realize how important is to show a professional image.

Press Portrait

Press Portrait

These are portraits made for magazine interviews. Those persons are usually well-known by the public, so they are much more used to be photographed than the corporate executives and even more than common people, that makes it easier. But I have to make an special effort to create an impressive image in a short term of time and sometimes in a space that i didn’t prepare before. Fast and effective.



Corporate Portrait

The art of corporate portraits.

First of all, studying and understanding the company philosophy is capital to create a good corporate portrait. Then appraise his or her profile and create and ambiance where the person feels comfortable and self-confidence. Choose the right light and environment and start shooting.

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