Transform Moments into Dynamic Visual Experiences with Professional Video Production


Explore the extended edition of my promotional video showcasing an online boat rental company in Ibiza and Formentera. Subsequently, the contents were segmented into thematic chapters for a more immersive experience and Social Media.

Cal Grau Wine Cellar Harvest. El Priorat. Iberian Wines

I have produced, filmed, and edited this video about the grape harvest at Cal Grau winery, part of the Osborne Vinos Iberian family company, located in one of Spain’s most beautiful wine regions: El Priorat

Culture. Spain Time-Lapse Series

The Culture episode of the 13 of the Spain Time-Lapse Series for Tourspain, the institution responsible for promoting Spain as a tourist destination around the world.

La Sella Golf by José maría Olazábal

Experience the transformation of La Sella Golf Course, redesigned by the legendary golfer José María Olazábal, amidst the breathtaking surroundings of the area. Discover the beauty of this remarkable destination through my captivating video production.

“El Mundo en Foto”

A captivating exploration of the Dominican Republic through the lens of my camera. In this pilot documentary, I’ve immersed myself in the heart of this Caribbean country, capturing the soul-stirring beauty and vibrant culture through the stories of the people I encounter along the way.

Womenalia Padel Tour

Promotional video for Womenalia Padel Tour, a unique event where you can experience activities related to health, sports, and networking.

Madrid COVID-19 Lockdown

My vision of the days of confinement due to Covid-19 in Madrid. The technique involved keeping the camera still to capture the limited movement in the scene and, above all, the striking silence of a city that is usually bustling.

Ritual De Terra Hotel

One of my latest projects in the hospitality industry is this video of a magnificent hotel in the stunning bay of Jávea, Costa Blanca, Spain.

Wallonie Tourisme

The first video in the series of projects I did using the Time-Lapse technique for the Tourism Office of Belgium-Wallonia.

How to Take the Best Underwater Photos. Serie On My Way en Indonesia

In Indonesia I discover some of the planet’s top diving spots. Antoine, owner of a Dive Center and underwater photography enthusiast, shares secrets to capturing stunning underwater images.